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Moonlit Fire Cider

  • Sore throat? Want an immunity boost? Look no further.  Fire Cider is a folk recipe that incorporates adaptogenic herbs, garlic, turmeric and other beneficial herbs to eliminate unhelpful bacteria or other compromising factors that may be wreaking havoc on your immune system. It can be used as a funky bitters in mocktails or as a daily supplement during the colder months. This astringent, sour, sweet concoction is not your everyday beverage, but uniquely delicious as it is healthful. 

    100mL size contains 200 mg of CBD and the 250mL size contains 500 mg CBD

    We’re doing our part to keep folk recipes alive and out of the hands of corporate interests. Learn more about the ongoing fight to keep the name “Fire Cider” out of private copyright at

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