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Seapod is the gathering of family and community in there passion for the sea.  Finding joy within the stories and adventures created with your pod.  This is how Seapod came to be, inspired by the ocean, a clothing line hand crafted on the north coast of california.  Combining block printed textiles sewn together for casual everyday enjoyment. Join the Pod! 



About Marnie

Marnie Nave lives on the northern coast of humboldt county california. She finds inspiration for her designs in the natural environment of the redwoods and the cool pacific waters .  She has a love of textiles and fiber arts, which moved her to start experimenting with block printing.  You can find Marnie at the local beaches talking story or at her Brick and Mortar Located in the 100 year old creamery building in Arcata.  Marnie enjoys the community that surrounds her and the connections she makes within it.  

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